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  • Williamped 8 Jahren agoReply

    This is one awesome article post. Much obliged. Bertalan

    • Blue 8 Jahren agoReply

      I saw your picture of Diego Garcia. The name was Indian Ocean 2 or something like that. I&7#;182ve never met you but I knew at least one person in that picture. Were you in Diego Garcia? I think I left there in 1986 or something like that.

  • http://insure.liquorisquicker.net/car_insurance_for_young_drivers_under_1000.xml 8 Jahren agoReply

    Visst är du medveten om att man fÃ¥r lära sig detta beteende under körkortsutbildningen, för att man ska göra framförvarande bil uppmärksam om att den blir omkörd sÃ¥ att inte den eventuellt svänger ut för en omkörning p.g.a att den inte uppmärksammat pÃ¥gÃ¥ende omkörning…

  • http://allweb.space/autozone.com 8 Jahren agoReply

    "my awesomely fantastic husband"It's nice to have that comment once in a while, isn't it! Glad that he took care of you…they really don't get that it only takes once or twice of being an unexpected hero to make up for a lot of crap.

  • http://www./ 7 Jahren agoReply

    Wat a great recipe! Subbed almond meal b/c I don’t have the flour and used coconut milk in place of water. They were not as fluffy as yours(b/c of the almond meal) but they were delicious! Almost like banana bread. Thanks!